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The More of Social Media

New Post - The More of Social Media. What if there was a service that would help you with less?

Social Media is all about more.

Tumblr adds posts to my Dashboard in trying to get me to follow more blogs.

Twitter adds paid advertisements in trying to sell me things.

Facebook is one giant ad.

All of these services constantly recommend people they feel I’d enjoy following.

What if there was a site that gave you less? What about instead of recommending new people to follow or ads to buy from…

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Dispatch from the Trenches #2

New Post - Dispatch from the Trenches #2. 3-Day Workweek. Minecraft. Treating People Well.

Since a worker is basically knackered and good for nothing but a quick dinner and a DVD box set after eight hours of work, she might as well go the extra mile and work into the night if it results in fewer commutes and a routine four-day weekend.
Billionaire Calls for Three-Day Workweek | New Escapologist

Having an extra day or two off would make a huge different to quality of life.


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Count to ten when a plane goes down...

So today, in the face of a Malaysian Airline crash in the Ukraine—and with all the associated speculation of 24-hour news organizations and the Tweetosphere, my advice is to take a deep breath, count to ten, and know that there is a very good chance that truth in the matter will be forthcoming very soon.  And let’s hope that there is no stupid 23-year-old with his finger on an important keyboard in this information chain.

Remove Windows 8 Wireless Profiles an easier way

New Post: Remove Windows 8 Wireless Profiles an easier way

This morning a friend Tweeted in horror that managing wireless profiles in Windows 8 required using the Command Line. Windows had decided to hand on to a wireless network so she couldn’t connect to a new access point.

Are you shitting me, Windows 8? I have to remove wireless profiles via COMMAND LINE???? Sweet Thor’s nipples, I hate this operating system.— Reesa Herberth (@reesah) July 24, 2014


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The tech utopia nobody wants: why the world nerds are creating will be awful

The Tech Utopia Nobody Wants

The inherent problem w/nerd culture is the “only my use case matters” philosophy.