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New Post: BIG SALE! Save 100% TODAY ONLY!

Here’s the thing about sales.

You’re not actually saving any money.

Advertisers are good at what they do. Which is devising new ways to divide you from your money. I should know, I studied advertising in college long enough to realize I didn’t want to work in the field.


I like to pick on car commercials because they’re the most absurd. “You can save $10,000 on this…

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I’m up all night to play DayZ…

This reminds me, I need to check up on my Rust man.

Violence Problem

New Post: We hav a Violence Problem

In the wake of 20 students being stabbed at a Pennsylvania high school, much has been said about it. But I’ve read nothing better than what Chief Oliver from the Brimfield Police Department posted to the police department’s Facebook wall. I have included it in full below:

Good Afternoon,

A little while ago, I posted about the tragic stabbings of students at a high school in Pennsylvania. We…

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