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Not the Twitter We Want, but it's the Twitter we Deserve

I’m wrote critically about Twitter and I’m linking to it on Twitter. What do I win?

Text expansion makes support a breeze

New Post - Snippets make support easier. Text expansion will improve your life.

I’ve used various apps to expand snippets into full words or blocks of text for years. It’s made my work in support roles easier and saved me from retyping the same things constantly. I’ve not written much about it until now. I read a post from Chase Clemons on the Be Snappy blog and left a comment there.

For instance, when I don’t have a customer’s name, I use the snippet “`ht” to trigger “Hey…

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Dispatch from the trenches #6

  • A view inside welfare, gamers, action movie lovers and photographing what you love.

So how much money do you figure we could raise …


if George W. just charged a fee for everyone who wanted to dump ice water on his head? or even an auction?


We’d raise billions.

Line them up. Clinton. Bush. Obama.

Auction off both the right to dump the water and admission to see the event (live) and to watch it online. Sure, it’d be hacked online within minutes, but some people would still pay for it.

Don’t Forget To Remember This

Does a photograph always need to tell a story? Are the the only truly great photographs ones which change the world, record a decisive moment, or leave you with a sense of technical accomplishment? Is the practice and art of photography really so tightly defined that we must seek a deeper truth either in the philosophical understanding of its history or the urgency of its continued relevance in face of a seemingly larger audience?