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Stop focusing on everything you already know, and focus on what you don’t know. Deliberately and proactively take work where you know there is a shortcoming, and use it as an incentive to improve.

[The Pastry Box Project | 25 September 2013, baked by Sally Jenkinson](

"Most people won’t. Which means those that do change everything."

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I did a Q&A with @Rob_Sheridan, Art Director of NIN, for @OneWeekOneBand cc: @ninhotline @Thisoneisonus @ets_org

[Q&A: Rob Sheridan, Art Director of Nine Inch Nails](

The remarkably detailed backstory behind XKCD’s epic 3,099 panel comic: - via @BoingBoing

[Creator of xkcd Reveals Secret Backstory of His Epic 3,990-Panel Comic | Underwire |](

The operator is entitled to an act of conscience. 

[» Yes, Even if he’s a Nazi. The Daily Cypher](

Daft Punk’s outlandish creation myth seemed like a silly plot a dozen years ago but as it aged the story became increasingly nuanced — their Alive 2007 tour didn’t ride on the coattails of any album release, but served the defining expression of a breed of singularity that’s already landed on Earth. And it was all wrapped up in the most amazing pyramid that any human or robot has ever built.

[One more time: can Daft Punk make albums matter again? | The Verge](

Once we enter the working world, we all put a price on our time. The American Dream, we quickly learn, is largely predicated on steadily increasing that price until we reach a point where we are “comfortable”. Of course, everyone has their own opinion of exactly what comfortable means. For some it simply means not having to worry about having enough. For others, it means having so much more than enough that they never have to be in a situation where they have to put a price on their time again.

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Final choices and the things that stay with you.

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[Final choices and the things that stay with you — Red Teams](

Read about Trent Reznor’s project How to @DestroyAngels - See them live on 4/30! Tickets:

[Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels plays light like an instrument (Wired UK)](

Writing Better Support Emails (for Humans) @chaseclemons of @37sgnals on how to rock #custserv emails — #socialbiz

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Making guns with 3D printers is a controversial topic. @khsieh on why the problem is lax gun laws, not 3D printers.

[3-D Printing a Controversy — Adventures in Consumer Technology — Medium](